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Baby dental care

Say STOP to the bottle. Wean totally your baby's baby bottle or breast from the age of 12-15 months.
Unfortunately, many children have early caries from an early age due to frequent and prolonged use of the bottle containing natural milk, fruit juice, other sugary liquids or prolonged breastfeeding. This pathology is called the "bottle feeding syndrome".

How to recognize a thrust dental?
The appearance of the first teeth of your child: round the age of six months, the first baby teeth begin to appear. This is accompanied by a number of symptoms: swollen gum and reddened, red cheeks, your baby drools more and cries more often, fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, red buttocks. In fact, inflammation of the gums can sometimes cause a little fever or diarrhea. Supervise your child and if necessary, consult the pediatrician.

Last update:13/07/2018