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My child is afraid of the dentist

pedodentiste - Peur du dentiste

It is normal for a child to feel nervous or anxious during his first visit.

Our team is experienced in taking charge of anxiety in the child. We take the time necessary to explain treatment and equipment in a pleasant and positive way.

There are several methods today to help Anxious children feel better at the dentist. Often these children have had bad experiences before. When first consultation, we can orient the parents and the child to the most appropriate care method.

We do our best to make your child smile!

Our solutions

  • Vocabulary and gestures adapted for a visit without apprehension
  • Dental anesthesia adapted to children
  • Medical hypnosis
  • MEOPA or laughing gas, a sedative safe, very calm effectively the child's anxiety
  • General anaesthesia

Putting in trust can start even before the appointment by using an adapted vocabulary. If you are afraid of the dentist, you may inculcate this apprehension to your child without wanting it.

Expressing fears, or promising your child gifts after the appointment, you might think to your child that something unpleasant will happen. Advertise him instead the appointment at the dentist's office as you would tell him about going out to the movies, or a visit to the aquarium.

Click on the button to to know the adapted vocabulary.

dental painless Anesthesia
pedodentiste - Anesthésie
									dentaire indolore

Pain is a determining factor in the fear of the dentist and we want children to have a pleasant experience and positive in our office. That's why adapted anesthesia is important.

We use anesthetic gel with a pleasant taste so that your child does not feel the "injection", always accompanied by a suitable vocabulary and always avoids using the word "Sting". We prefer to "lull the tooth", "with the magic wand "or" inflating a balloon "on the tooth. our anesthetics react only 30 seconds after injection and treatment can usually start any right away ...

Care dentists under hypnosis
pedodentiste - MEOPA

Hypnosis is an effective instrument in the management of behavior of children during dental treatment made in our office. The MEOPA is usedin our office in the following cases:

  • Transmit positive notions through a vocabulary adapted
  • Counter the effects of stress, fear of the dentist
  • Tell stories to divert attention discomfort or pain
  • Create a relaxing and familiar atmosphere for the child

Sedation helps the child to relax, cope, feel happier during treatment and guide them to more cooperative behavior.

First, very young children are often unable to remain calm long enough for the Pediatric dentist to perform high-precision procedures safely. Sedation makes the session less stressful for children and greatly reduces the risk of injury. On the other hand, some children have difficulty managing anxiety during dental care. Sedation helps the child to relax, cope, and feel happier during treatment. It prevents spontaneous movements, and guides the child towards a more cooperative behavior. Conscious sedation allows children to communicate continuously, follow our instructions, and cooperate during the entire procedure.

Last update:13/07/2018