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dentiste pédiatrique - Honoraires office dentaire Paris

Despite appearances, the prices of Pediatric dentistry care are poorly reimbursed by Health Insurance and mutuals, while adult care is much better. In the interest of our patients, we chose not to be in any way forced to sacrifice the quality of our services because of the tariff rigidity of the Social Security and the internal rules of the mutuals. The prices of our care take into account the important time spent preparing, accompanying and caring for your child and not the therapeutic acts performed.

New materials are regularly made available to us and new technologies allow us to provide the most appropriate care for children. These new techniques that your child can take advantage of today will only be eligible for reimbursement in several years. Should we deprive ourselves of these scientific advances for the sole reason that they are not reimbursed? Quality care lasts for many years, and the investment that is made, though sometimes important at first, is very small in the long run.

Well cared for and especially well protected, the teeth of your child will remain healthy all his life.

The settlement is done at the time of care.

« Well cared for and especially well protected, the teeth of your child will remain healthy all his life. »

Dr Jona Andersen

The Dr. Jona Andersen is not contracted with the Health Insurance; it determines the amount of its fees. The reimbursement of health insurance is done on the basis of "authority rates", the amount of which is much lower than the reimbursement rates for your child's contracted dentists.nts will remain healthy throughout his life.

If you are a social insured, a small part of the expenses that you have incurred will be borne by your Social Security Fund. The part of the expenses remaining at your expense may be reimbursed by your mutual or your private insurance, partially or in full, depending on the contract you have taken out.

The care sheet will therefore include only the part of the care that is reimbursed. Unreimbursed care will be recorded on a separate invoice. We are at your disposal to give you the necessary invoices so that you can recover from your mutual or insurances, when possible, a portion of the fees you have paid us.

The non-reimbursement of care by the Health Insurance, the Mutuals or the Supplementary Insurance can not in any way engage the responsibility of Dr. Andersen.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you need more information about the treatment of your child, we will be happy to inform you about the different types of care available.

Last update:13/07/2018