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dentiste pédiatrique - Fluor

Topical application of fluoride to fight cavities

Fluoride is present in the form of fluoride in nature: in water, plants and animals (teeth, bones). By drinking water, the man has a systematic intake of fluoride that will be incorporated into the enamel of the tooth.
Fluoride ions complex with calcium ions in tooth enamel to form calcium fluoride on the tooth surface. This layer of calcium fluoride is used to protect the enamel and resists the acid attacks that cause cavities. In other words, fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay.
Every six months, during your child's control visit, we apply a fluoride gel on the teeth for preventive action. Depending on your child's needs, we can also prescribe fluoride pastes to apply at home, a specific toothpaste or a suitable dental solution.

Last update:13/07/2018